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From Brenda Taylor - Missionary to Ireland

My heart's desire is to connect with the Irish people so that they can know we care,

that we love them and that Jesus does too. Through these relationships we can find

opportunities to share the Gospel with greater effectiveness. My hope is that we would

help many Irish know Jesus as their living Savior and the source of all hope. My gifts

and abilities are directed in the areas of connecting, evangelism, discipleship and

mentoring. I will learn how to best serve and minister to the needs of the Irish

specifically from them in their context. I believe that the details of my ministry will change as needs arise but my focus will always be about the Gospel.  Use these links to support Brenda on her mission - USA - Canada

From Scott & Andrea Chatterson - Ireland

Most people in Ireland would call themselves Christians, but very few understand the gospel or think a relationship with Jesus Christ is possible. Much of Ireland has moved away from the church and could be considered post-Christian. Our hearts' greatest desire is to see Irish discipling Irish, from coast to coast, seeing fruit from this by the body of Christ being built up and reproduced.  Use this link to support Scott & Andrea on their mission - Give now use Missionary #110782

From Bruce Taylor - Missionary to Ireland

For many years Christianity has been in decline in Ireland.  Less than 1% of the Irish people have a living relationship with Jesus. There has been growth over the last generation in Atheism, Druidism and those who just claim no beliefs at all. along with this has been a rise in drug abuse, depression and suicide. Our burden is for the young Irish generation who are walking this dark path. The Irish people need Hope and true Hope can only be found through Jesus.  Use these links to support Bruce on his mission - USA - Canada

Our Letter about Giving Tuesday can be found here.  Below is some basic info and links to support missionaries.  We would encourage you to get involved in supporting one or some of them. 

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