We all need one message

We have been in Ireland for 26 months now and have lived in three different houses in three different cities/towns. God has allowed us to be part of 4 different churches.  These have ranged from a very large and polished church to […]

Shoulder to Shoulder

Why Shoulder to Shoulder? We love rugby but not as much as we love Jesus Christ and His Gospel message and mission. Taking the theme of the All Ireland team anthem though, fits our Call to Ireland by God. You have a […]


When God opens a door He doesn’t always swing it wide open and call upon the trumpet players to announce you. Sometimes He gently nudges you through openings when you think there is no way you can fit. But as you press […]

Broken hearts

Probably every missionary in history can agree that one of the hardest things about it is when tragedy hits your home country and you are not able to be there. We awoke Saturday to the news that there had been a terrible […]