We have been in Ireland for 26 months now and have lived in three different houses in three different cities/towns. God has allowed us to be part of 4 different churches.  These have ranged from a very large and polished church to really a small unpolished Bible Study group in a very  small town. What we have learned in all of them though is the same. No matter how big, fancy, rustic, poor or well-off all need to hear how much Jesus loves them and desires for them to be saved. The above small plaque is on the pulpit in Limerick reminding those who would speak that all they are really here to do is to help the people see and spend time with Jesus. Nothing else matters. Youth groups, Sunday School programs, small groups, worship teams, food fellowship, etc. It all must point to Jesus or it is for naught and is a waste of time. Remember: its all about Jesus…Always.