This has been an interesting time for missions the past few months. We have been in isolation for quite a while now because of a previous illness and then the Coronavirus hit Ireland. To be honest, we would rather be with our family right now. As would everyone in the world. But that’s how we always feel when crisis’ of any kind come. The truth is, we are where we are for a reason and God has called us here to serve, so we serve.

What does that service look like when you are only allowed to go to the Pharmacy for prescriptions and short trips for groceries while keeping a distance of 2 meters between you and everyone else? Well, Praise God we are dealing with this in this day and age when we have so many tools available to keep us connected in every way except physically.

This week we spent countless hours getting the church we are serving primarily fully ready to post services online. Building facebook pages and updating the webpage in the past has seemed frivolous and perhaps eve a waste of time but now its essential to staying in community with each other.

Bruce is doing a Discipleship class online that people across the globe are participating in. We are still meeting with friends for premarital via group chats. We are posting the church service online. Lots of phone and video calls in place of coffee times connecting and reassuring people that God is indeed in control. Tonight Bruce is preaching via Facebook live for our church’s Cafe Church and then we have others leading worship from their homes via FB Live. I even had the opportunity to share with a man on the street in town last week when I had to go get Prescriptions filled. God gave me a boldness I have never had before and was able to share the gospel message of hope with him. I pray he responds as he sits at home and contemplates his own faith.

So, praise God for the tools we have that allow us to serve and encourage the church and the lost in these difficult times. Please drop us a note sometime and let us know how you are. Bruce will likely be tested tomorrow as he is not getting better. so please pray for that to happen.