So last night our Taoiseach (‘tee-shuk – Leader of Ireland) proclaimed a 2 week lockdown of the entire country. (but will likely be a month or so) We are allowed to go out for quick trips to get food, prescriptions, or exercise no further than 2Km from our home. But is highly recommended that we stay inside our own homes. No visiting, fun shopping, team stuff allowed and every business that is deemed non-essential to fighting the Covid-19 is closed. As has been stated numerous time, this is an unprecedented crisis in world history. Bruce likes to say its also an unprecedented opportunity for the Gospel and discipleship.

What does that mean for us? Lots of online chats and trainings to do with our Lord Jesus Christ. Lots of prayer times. We are praying with at least 4 people a day. Lots of posting encouraging things to combat the fear and anger people are feeling. We are all learning how to use the internet as a tool for good not just fun.

I hope we are learning to put people first as a society again. That family is important and we should contact them often. We are finding that the people we elect to lead us are very important and we need to be praying for them. Please don’t buy in to all the stupid conspiracy theories out there. What facts do we know? God is still in control, God is good. He has given us an assignment for as long as we are on the earth to share the good news of Jesus Christ to everyone. So let’s pour ourselves in to obeying our Lord rather than fear of some vague notion some paranoid person may have. Be people of the Word with purpose and peace.