We got an amazing thing today. It came so unexpectedly but was wonderful to experience. I would love for it to happen again.

We received in our mail slot a hand written paper letter! It was so lovely to receive and made us feel very special that someone took the time to make a simple card by hand for us. They wrote a proper heartfelt note letting us know they read or newsletters and website and that they are praying for us. They included a bit about what they are up to and signed it. Then they popped it in a mailbox back in North America and a week later, it popped through our door. Such a simple thing to do that really brought both of us great joy.

Why such a big deal? Isn’t an e-mail good enough? Yes, e-mails are great but we really don’t get many personal ones. Remember back to being a kid and hearing your mom say,”There’s a letter for you!” I would go running down the stairs to grab it and ALWAYS with a huge smile. Someone took time and effort to encourage us in such a profoundly simple way and we thank you!

Maybe lets start writing letters again?