During this long 5 + weeks of lockdown here in Ireland, sometimes its easy  to forget that the rest of the world is still out there outside my neighborhood. Then I watch the news and can very quickly think all is gloom and doom. However, beauty and new life is still out there if you choose to look for it.

We have birds nesting in the hedge behind our house and lots of new types of bird singing and flying around. The trees are blooming and we now finally have leaves growing on the trees!

As we went for a walk around the block this past week, we saw trees blooming and then, down in the bushes, I spied some bluebells coming up amidst the grass. That moment just reminded me so vividly that new life is all around us even when I cannot see it from my house. God is still being God and new life is still happening. 

Bruce and I were chatting then about why women love flowers so much. I think its not just that they are pretty and smell nice. They are the first real signs that there will be life again after the dead starkness of winter. Life is precious and we seek it. Flowers are new life. I pray you have opportunity to see new beauty this week wherever you are in the world during this challenging time.