How do I celebrate Mother’s Day in a very Matriarchal society like Ireland without any of my kids around? I celebrate the 2 lives He gave us to have a part in raising. I celebrate the choices and challenges they are making even now as grown men. I celebrate the women they love and the grandchildren we have been given as incredible blessings from the Father. I celebrate being an adopted mom of many young men and women throughout the years. 

Mother’s Day is not just a day to celebrate your mom, its a day to celebrate being a mom! I celebrate my dear daughter-in-law who is raising our beautiful granddaughters, and doing a fantastic job of it! I celebrate my dear friends who would love the honour of having biological children but are simply pouring their hearts into whoever the Lord brings into their path. I celebrate my dear friends who have lost children, some before birth and some way to soon in their adult lives. I celebrate the hearts of women to care for the weak, the foundlings, be they young or old. 

I celebrate being the woman my children have made me become. It wasn’t always easy, not for them or for me at times. But we have grown together and I enjoy the relationships I am growing into with these man who I gave birth to as well as the many I didn’t yet call me mom.  So, when other’s are getting to spend time with their children together I will celebrate knowing I am loved and that they are living their own lives. Never forgetting their mom or dad, but making us so very proud by the way they live their lives now.

I also celebrate my own mom, who made just as many mistakes as I have yet has loved and supported my many challenging decisions. I celebrate you mom!