But then the weeds bloom and look so beautiful. I would like to plant all these flowering weeds if I has a large garden I needed full.

Sometimes life has become over cluttered with what we see as weeds. They are hard to get rid of and exhausting to even think about. Then one day you look up and see the most beautiful strong towers of flowers you could never have imagined before. My “perfect” world is very ordered and would never have room for these weeds if I planned it. Thankfully God plans our days and this is often what He does with what we see as weeds. Weeds test us, they try us and infuriate us but I wonder if we stopped worrying about them (unless they are sin) and just get on with serving God, then we can enjoy the beauty he grows these challenging times into. (If the weeds that are filling your life are sin, then deal with them in repentance and humility. God redeems but He never approves sin.) So I am learning to see these “interruptions” or “weeds” as blessings in disguise. I pray you can enjoy the dandelions God is planting in your life to grow you, I know I am learning to.