This has been such a strange year for everyone. What words would you use to describe this year for you? Challenging, long, scary, hard, lonely, frustrating, yet also hopeful.  Hopeful because God is still in charge and has been very gracious to us. Things have been hard, very hard. But God only promised to be with us, not to make things easy. This year has encouraged us more than ever to value what really matters. God and people. Everything else comes and goes with the winds of change. But God and people are eternal. So having our focus put back where it belongs is not really such a bad thing, hard but not bad. 

This year we and our families are celebrating Christmas without Parents, Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles or Cousins around. Only a good friend who is part of their bubble if we are lucky. We are all going to be overloading the internet on Christmas day as we seek to spend time online with those we love. 

We have family members fighting Covid right now. Fighting other awful life threatening illnesses and just dealing with very difficult circumstances. But we can all have hope. Jesus is our great HOPE! He is giving us a reason to get up in the morning and press on to tomorrow. He is giving us time to renew old relationships, heal old wounds and enjoy those we love.  What really matters this Christmas is Who we are celebrating and how we treat those He has placed in our lives. I pray you all experience the joy of His salvation this year and celebrate His resurrection power and grace for the rest of your days.