A Psalm of Lament is an address to God: a complaint, a request, and usually an expression of trust.


We had our TEAM Mal retreat this week and were asked to write a Psalm of Lament. Now I know I am not a song writer or a Psalm writer but this was a good exercise to do. It’s been a challenging year to say the least and it doesn’t look like its going to get easier anytime soon. It may even feel like God has abandoned us, His children. (He hasn’t but it might feel like it sometimes.)

Writing a Lament gives opportunity for your soul to express every hurt or angry thought you are feeling about God with the intention of leading you to repentance and peace, worshipping Him for His goodness and love.

This website was very helpful in guiding me in writing my own Lament. I encourage you to prayerfully enter this exercise with the desire to honor God by lifting your burden to Him. https://annarborvineyard.org/participate/spiritual-formation/writing-a-psalm-of-lament/