Ireland is a culmination of old, new and ancient in no apparent order. There is serious effort made to preserve many items of the past, like this public well pump which would have been on the side of the foot path or road in years gone by. As you can see the town has engulfed it and history simply paved the new roads around it. In town we find houses around 100-200 years old being demolished because they are an eyesore or in the way of progress. We have even found old Passage or Wedge tombs (dated 2500 BC) just sitting in a farmers’ field. I am so glad I have not gotten used to seeing these fascinating things yet. I hope Ireland is able to move beyond the time of Covid and just be herself again soon; a mix of old and new with music and dance thrown in to make it a lively and beautiful mix of growing culture.

Next week we will be allowed to travel beyond the 5km from our home that we have been restricted to since St. Stephen’s Day (Dec. 26). I look forward to exploring again and visiting our friends further afield than our 5Km and sharing the love of God in physical presence once again. Though Ireland has more historical artifacts that all of Canada, her most valued item is people. People are what we miss the most and even though we have done our best within the Covid restrictions communicating with people, we look forward to seeing each other face to face soon. The Internet and Zoom are great and I am glad for them, but as much as I love historical artifacts and stumbling upon ancients sites, a hug from a real live person is what I look forward to experiencing again the most.