Covid has not been easy on anyone. The past few months have been particularly hard for us being away from family. Our granddaughter had bilateral cochlear implant surgery and our son got engaged and then married! All with us watching from Ireland. But these are happy stories and we rejoice over them!

It would be easy to moan and groan about not being there but what would that accomplish? For now we are seeing the good things that God is doing in our family and we rejoice! In Ireland, we saw the birth of our dear friends’ baby! Well we didn’t see the birth per-se, but we have been able to play with her and help A and S out as new parents.

We have made some new friends who we hope to join ministry with in the not to distant future hopefully. But they are healing from losses of spouse and church. So we need to give them time. (This is a bit of a ramble I suppose but that is all a blog is to be isn’t it?)

All this to say, its been a long hard year and half with Covid but God is still in charge and He is still good.