You are one of the most important elements of our team. YOU!

Your prayers!

  • Invaluable and essential. Without them we cannot do this. As nice and friendly as the Irish are, their hearts are hard and society is extremely hostile to the Gospel. So your prayers are more important than anything else.

Your friendship!

  • We need to know that people care about us and keep in touch (like friends do). Let us know how your lives are going so we can praise God with you and pray for you as well. Its very easy to get bogged down with what we are doing and get so focused that we forget that others are still living their lives as well. Your friendship keeps us well grounded.
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  • Drop us a letter (old fashioned kind are so nice) or an e-mail, we will be so happy to hear from you!

Bruce and Brenda Taylor, 24 Ardan Rua, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, Ireland E45 TE20

Your financial support!

  • The least liked topic in every missionary’s heart! But unfortunately we do need money to be able to be full-time staff/lay ministers in Ireland. Most churches cannot afford to pay their pastors even a part-time salary so we do not want to ask for anything from them. As they grow and learn to give, we hope they will be able to pay an Irish pastor.
  • All donations made from Canada or the U.S. are tax deductible so we appreciate you using the TEAM giving links we have provided to make this a benefit to you as well. You can find those links on the Give now page or here with this link.
  • Ireland is the 5th most expensive country to live in withing the EU.
  • Ireland is the 14th most expensive country in the world to live. Its a small Island and everything comes by boat so we are told that’s a major reason why. Irish people are fighting against this but lack of available housing, rising immigration, and more have contributed to this issue. Our rent is more than double we would be paying for the same size home in Edmonton. (We live in a small town 25 mins from Limerick. If we were in Limerick it could greatly increase what we pay now.)

You can know more about our partner organization TEAM by clicking these links … TEAM of Canada   TEAM International

thank you for sending us to Ireland

Click the photo for our Christmas 2021 greeting and a special thank you from some of the people we minister to because of you!