Fàilte! Welcome to Ireland!

Ireland is one of the world’s most beautiful nations. Èire (Irish word for Ireland) has been home to millions of people for thousands of years. She has seen Barbarians, Vikings, Monks, Occupation, Plagues, Famines and War. She has also known times of peace (though they have been few) and safety.  There was a time when Èire embraced the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a nation. These were amazing times of enlightenment and freedom. These times based their foundation through education on the Word of God and an honest passion for God.

Unfortunately, many did not like what was happening in Ireland and sought her downfall and dominion. The original gospel message that came to Ireland centuries ago brought salvation to a society where men and women were treated as equals both in battle and in the home. The education it brought was the power of the written word in a language all could learn and understand. The ‘great’ powers behind the Catholic church in Rome did not like the idea that everyone could read and interpret the scriptures for themselves. They did not like the equal power in the church that Patrick (Pádraig) and Brigit (Brigid) taught. So a heavy hand was used and thus began the dark ages of spiritual oppression in the nation of Ireland.

Fast forward through countless wars, famines, occupations and independence, prosperity and recession and we come to today. Ireland has worked very hard to put her ugly past of war and hatred behind her. She truly is a beautiful nation that has a long way to go but it cannot be forgotten how very far she has come! Ireland has been known to be a “missionary graveyard” as the work is very hard and takes a very long time. Years of hatred to all things non-catholic go deep. But things are changing! People are now (in 2020) actually becoming more open to hearing the gospel message for the first time. The old are curious about the faiths they were forbidden to explore not very many years ago and the young have often never heard of Jesus except as a common swear word. We hope you will enjoy joining us as we  journey with God to the Republic of Ireland!