Irish Brown Soda Bread

Neil’s Brown Soda Bread (as given to me by Mary in Limerick) 700mls Buttermilk 1 3/4 c Cracked wheat flour (or Old fashioned Oats,  raw spelt flour, or raw Rye flour) (Raw meaning cracked but not white and fluffy flour) 2 3/4 […]

A new way of foot washing

This Sunday Paul was preaching on Jesus washing the disciples’ feet. Bruce was overseeing the music and response times. He brought towels and set up chairs at the front of the service. I thought, “What is he going to make us do […]

Snow is coming!

Snow is apparently coming to Ireland! A blizzard! Weather Status Orange! The country is trying to prepare as many inches of snow are expected by Thursday night over much of the country.  This sounds kinda funny to a Canadian doesn’t it? But […]