We are Bruce & Brenda Taylor. We have been married for 28 years, have 2 sons, a daughter in law and two beautiful grandchildren. We adore our kids and granddaughters so very much and look forward to what God has for us and them in this grand adventure called life! Our kids all live in Northern Alberta.

Bruce was ordained as a pastor in January 2000 in Penticton, BC. Since that time we have served at 4 Churches in 4 provinces, with over 9 years in Fort McMurray at Fellowship Baptist and then another 2 years in Brandon, Manitoba.

We have felt God’s calling to the Celtic peoples for years and now are partnering with TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission)  in the Republic of Ireland.

The desire to reach the lost in Ireland has grown to a great burden for us, as we have come to understand that this Island of our heritage now has less than 1% born again Christians. We were recently told that Ireland is the least reached English speaking nation in the world.

As we prepared for  the mission field we re-located back to Penticton (Brenda’s home town) where we enjoyed a season of ministry and encouragement with Penticton Alliance Church, our sending Church family. It was great to have time with these brothers and sisters.  We hope to be see some of them visit us in Ireland and see for themselves the challenges of missions in Ireland as well as the blessings.

Bruce became a Christian as a child and was baptized as a teenager. Brenda became a Christian as a teenager and was baptized the following summer. We met in 1988 at Peace River Bible Institute in Sexsmith, Alberta. We married the following November (at Penticton Alliance Church) and began the adventure of life and family together. Our eldest son was born in 1990 and his brother followed in 1992. Brenda had been told that she would probably not be able to bear children so they were a gift in so many ways to us both.

Our life has involved many ups and downs. We knew God had a plan for us and had to chip some things away for us to be ready for the ministry He has in Ireland. Some experiences show us who we are and some show us who we aren’t. God is the master planner of us all though. Through His grace we are learning how He wants to use us in wonderful ways.

We are average, normal, everyday people who love to visit with family and friends over a coffee or tea. Our faith is not part of our life, it is our life. It is our goal that others may see Jesus in us and hear of His great love for them. Walking with fellow believers through normal, everyday events of life as well as the challenges, tragedies and triumphs are some of the greatest blessings God has given us.

We are now located in the city of Limerick, co. Limerick in West Ireland. We are partnering with a wonderful church called Limerick Baptist Church. The Pastor is Paul Ritchie. He described the church perfectly “We’re a messy church. Things are not perfect here, but we love one another and welcome newcomers freely. People come broken and hurting and we love them with Jesus.”

We are currently involved with the youth ministry called Axis, music &  worship ministry, ladies bible study, Evening service called Cafe church, an outreach Study in Nenagh (a town 40 minutes east of Limerick), and Bruce is preaching and filling in wherever is needed. We have rebuilt the church website and are trying to help them have more of an online presence. We are enjoying being part of a body of believers again and are so excited that the churches in Limerick really try and work together to see the gospel go forth and God glorified.