Fàilte! Welcome to Ireland!

Ireland is one of the world’s most beautiful nations. Èire (Irish word for Ireland) has been home to millions of people for thousands of years. She has seen Barbarians, Vikings, Monks, Occupation, Plagues, Famines and War. She has also known times of peace (though they have been few) and safety.  There was a time when Èire embraced the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a nation. These were amazing times of enlightenment and freedom. These times based their foundation through education on the Word of God and an honest passion for God.

Unfortunately, many did not like what was happening in Ireland and sought her downfall and dominion. The original gospel message that came to Ireland centuries ago brought education to a society where men and women were treated as equals both in battle and in the home. The education it brought was the power of the written word in a language all could understand. The ‘great’ powers behind the Catholic church in Rome did not like the idea that everyone could read and interpret the scriptures for themselves. They did not like the equal power in the church that Patrick and Brigit taught. So a heavy hand was used and thus began the dark ages of spiritual oppression in the nation of Ireland.

Fast forward through countless wars, famines, occupations and independence, prosperity and recession and we come to today. Ireland has worked very hard to put her ugly past of war and hatred behind her. She truly is a beautiful nation that has a long way to go but it cannot be forgotten how very far she has come! Ireland has been known to be a “missionary graveyard” as the work is very hard and takes a very long time. Years of hatred to all things non-catholic go deep. But things are changing! People are now (in 2018) actually being a bit more open to hearing the gospel message for the first time. The old are curious about the faiths they were forbidden to explore not very many years ago and the young have often never heard of Jesus except as a common swear word. We hope you will enjoy joining us as we  journey with God to the Republic of Ireland!

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Who are we?

We are Bruce & Brenda Taylor. We have been married for 28 years, have 2 sons, a daughter in law and two beautiful grandchildren. We adore our kids and granddaughters so very much and look forward to what God has for us and them in this grand adventure called life! Our kids all live in Northern Alberta.

Bruce was ordained as a pastor in January 2000 in Penticton, BC. Since that time we have served at 4 Churches in 4 provinces, with over 9 years in Fort McMurray at Fellowship Baptist and then another 2 years in Brandon, Manitoba.

We have felt God’s calling to the Celtic peoples for years and now are partnering with TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission)  in the Republic of Ireland.

The desire to reach the lost in Ireland has grown to a great burden for us, as we have come to understand that this Island of our heritage now has less than 1% born again Christians. We were recently told that Ireland is the least reached English speaking nation in the world.

As we prepared for  the mission field we re-located back to Penticton (Brenda’s home town) where we enjoyed a season of ministry and encouragement with Penticton Alliance Church, our sending Church family. It was great to have time with these brothers and sisters.  We hope to be see some of them visit us in Ireland and see for themselves the challenges of missions in Ireland as well as the blessings.

Bruce became a Christian as a child and was baptized as a teenager. Brenda became a Christian as a teenager and was baptized the following summer. We met in 1988 at Peace River Bible Institute in Sexsmith, Alberta. We married the following November (at Penticton Alliance Church) and began the adventure of life and family together. Our eldest son was born in 1990 and his brother followed in 1992. Brenda had been told that she would probably not be able to bear children so they were a gift in so many ways to us both.

Our life has involved many ups and downs. We knew God had a plan for us and had to chip some things away for us to be ready for the ministry He has in Ireland. Some experiences show us who we are and some show us who we aren’t. God is the master planner of us all though. Through His grace we are learning how He wants to use us in wonderful ways.

We are average, normal, everyday people who love to visit with family and friends over a coffee or tea. Our faith is not part of our life, it is our life. It is our goal that others may see Jesus in us and hear of His great love for them. Walking with fellow believers through normal, everyday events of life as well as the challenges, tragedies and triumphs are some of the greatest blessings God has given us.

We are now located in the city of Limerick, co. Limerick in West Ireland. We are partnering with a wonderful church called Limerick Baptist Church. The Pastor is Paul Ritchie. He described the church perfectly “We’re a messy church. Things are not perfect here, but we love one another and welcome newcomers freely. People come broken and hurting and we love them with Jesus.”

We are currently involved with the youth ministry called Axis, music &  worship ministry, ladies bible study, Evening service called Cafe church, an outreach Study in Nenagh (a town 40 minutes east of Limerick), and Bruce is preaching and filling in wherever is needed. We have rebuilt the church website and are trying to help them have more of an online presence. We are enjoying being part of a body of believers again and are so excited that the churches in Limerick really try and work together to see the gospel go forth and God glorified.

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Why Ireland?

Why would Ireland need missionaries?

The Republic of Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Known for their generosity, hospitality and love for life; many think the Irish have it “all together”. With a population cresting 4.8 million Ireland is traditionally a Catholic nation.

As of 2016 census, only 78% now consider themselves to be Catholic and of that less than 10% attend any sort of mass regularly. Over 35% of those ‘Catholics’ also consider themselves to be atheist or agnostic. Less than 1% of the nation would call themselves born-again believers with an active relationship with Jesus Christ. The rise in Agnostics rose by 132.4% and Atheists rose the most by 320%!

We have been told that the Republic of Ireland is the least reached English speaking country in the world. With atheism’s massive growth comes an increase in depression, despair, hopelessness and suicide. Ireland has one of the highest rates of Suicide in the EU and Limerick has the highest rates in Ireland. Add to that a struggling economy and you have a nation that is seriously in need of hope.

The Lord, however, has not forgotten them and He is moving powerfully in this country. Young and old, people are hearing the gospel and responding. Broken people are seeking counselling and hearing about Jesus in a life changing way for the first time.

Bruce and I have felt God calling us to the Celtic peoples for years and have partnered with TEAM on a long-term basis to Ireland. It is our heart to connect with local pastors and encourage them in whatever ways they may have.  This may come by very practical means like Bruce helping a few churches get modern audio/visual sound systems, computer systems, etc set up to giving the pastor a break on a Sunday by preaching and/or leading worship. One-to-one discipleship and leadership development is our hearts desire but time and coffee will allow that to happen.

God has directed us to partner with Limerick Baptist Church. We have resonated well with Pastor Paul and Caroline Ritchie and the elders. This is a church with a heart to reach their community for Christ and be a light in a very dark region on Ireland. We partner with them rather than starting our own “thing” because that is the biblical model we want to follow. This way we are under the headship of a local church who will hold us accountable to God and our call. This body of believers has been in Limerick for many years and knows her community so to partner with them is wise. They hold us loosely but we feel their protection and guidance as we seek to minister to the People of Limerick and area.

God has given us this prayer for the Irish:

Roman 15:13 “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.”

Here is the area where we serve.


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You are essential!

You are one of the most important elements of our team. YOU!

Your prayers!

  • Invaluable and essential. Without them we cannot do this. As nice and friendly as the Irish are, their hearts are hard and society is extremely hostile to the Gospel. So your prayers are more important than anything else.

Your friendship!

  • We need to know that people care about us and keep in touch (like friends do). Let us know how your lives are going so we can praise God with you and pray for you as well. Its very easy to get bogged down with what we are doing and get so focused that we forget that others are still living their lives as well. Your friendship keeps us well grounded.
  • Make sure you are getting our monthly newsletters (only 1 per month and its short) Newlsetter sign up…
  • Drop us a letter (old fashioned kind are so nice) or an e-mail, we will be so happy to hear from you!

Bruce and Brenda Taylor, 33 Drominbeg, Rhebogue, Limerick, Ireland, V94 ED0F

Your financial support!

  • The least liked topic in every missionary’s heart! But unfortunately we do need money to be able to be full-time staff/lay ministers in Ireland. Most churches cannot afford to pay their pastors even a part-time salary so we do not want to ask for anything from them. As they grow and learn to give, we hope they will be able to pay an Irish pastor.
  • All donations made from Canada or the U.S. are tax deductible so we appreciate you using the TEAM giving links we have provided to make this a benefit to you as well. You can find those links on the Give now page or the links below.
  • Ireland is the 14th most expensive country in the world to live. Its a small Island and everything comes by boat so we are told that’s why. Irish people are fighting against this but lack of available housing, rising immigration, and more have contributed to this issue. Our rent is more than double we would be paying for the same size home in Edmonton. (Its in a lower income neighborhood in Limerick, which is why its so low.)

You can know more about our partner organization TEAM by clicking these links … TEAM of Canada   TEAM International

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Thank you for your support

We are a faith support based ministry.  In other words we only survive on God’s provision for us.  We believe that God uses His people to meet those needs.  Here we have some options as to how you can be involved in the Kingdom work in Ireland.  Some have wondered if we still need additional funding and the answer is YES.  We currently have regularly monthly shortfalls which can make ministry difficult for us but God has always been good to us and so far these shortfalls in finance have not kept us from serving here.  So please prayerfully consider what God would have you do to be a part of His work in Ireland, the least reached english speaking nation in the world.

For those in Canada please use this link to give one time or setup regular donations. 

Donate in Canada
Donate in Canada



For those in the USA please use this link to give one time or setup regular donations.

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Donate in USA



For those who do not want any government tax benefits for their gift or from countries other than the two above, you can donate to us through Paypal using this link.

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We are thankful for all the gifts we receive, no amount is too small, every $5 helps us take an Irish person for a coffee to hear about the Lord. Or that same $5 can fund us to invite and Irish family over for a pot of coffee to talk about God. A gift of $25 can make it possible for us to have a family over for a lunch.  $50 can buy us fuel so that we can drive to do a Bible Study in neighboring communities where there is only a few Christians. $100 can help us by funding our electric bill for most of a month.  $200 can help us in establishing outreach groups to students both in secondary school and in college /university. $500 can provide Bibles & Discipleship training materials for a year. $2000 can pay our housing costs for one month. 

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Stay in Touch

Contact information:
Bruce and Brenda Taylor
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You can use this form to connect with us if you like.

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